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On this page you will find excerpts from Donna's book "The Vibrant Life: Simple Meditations to Use Your Energy Effectively," to be released by Sentient Publications in May 2006, as well as meditations from the archives of this website.

The meditations in "The Vibrant Life" are based on Donna's experience with Buddhist meditation and other spiritual teachings as well as her work with people in Awareness sessions for the last twenty years. The individual meditative exercises offered in the book are these: You Are Energy, Setting a Boundary and Conserving Energy, Calming Your Energy, Breath as Energy, Cleansing and Recharging Your Energy, Psychic Protection, Reclaiming Your Energy, Returning Energy to Others, Releasing Energy By Making Choice, Awareness as Energy, Thought as Energy, Releasing Energy Stuck in Old Belief Systems, Releasing Energy Stuck in Old Psychological patterns, Transforming Anger into Positive Creative Energy, Fear As Energy, Releasing Energy Through Self-Expression, Love As Energy, Prayer As Energy, The Dance of Energy, Connecting with the Universal Source, This Beautiful World is Energy, Breaking the Downward Cycle.

A Few Words about Meditation

Following the Breath

Setting Boundaries and Conserving Your Energy

Awareness as Energy



The most basic Awareness meditation is simply following your breath. Instructions for that and other Awareness meditations are given in the excerpts from Donna's book in the links at the top of the page.

Here is a beautiful and simple Awareness meditation.

Begin by following the breath. Experience the rhythm of the in-breath and the out-breath. Allow your mind to settle into the breath. Be aware of thoughts that arise but don't try to do anything about them. They will arise, and go away.

Imagine a small golden light in the heart center, a golden flame. Feel its warmth. Imagine this as the light of Awareness, that guiding presence that is always with us. Continue to be aware of the breath, but also of that light in the heart. Let yourself rest in it. Trust that there is a light within you that knows you, reveals yourself to you, and guides you.

Slowly breathe that light out into the world. Imagine that it travels far, activating light and Awareness wherever it goes. Know that as you sit quietly in and with the light of Awareness, you are awakening that light everywhere in the great network of consciousness, of which we are all a part. Ask that all beings experience the light of Awareness within them. Know that as you arise from meditation, that light goes with you.

Awareness brings transformation. Here are other Awareness and Transformation meditations you can find in the Monthly Messages or Newsletter Archives:

The Space Between
Joy and Sorrow
The Labyrinth
Inviting Awareness
Meditation Is Not a Luxury


Donna's book The Vibrant Life is full of practical meditations to help you manage your energy, deal with stress, and live a joyous and meaningful life in today's world. Look for it in May 2006.

For now, you can sample the resources this book has to offer by clicking on the link above: "Setting boundaries and conserving your energy."  Here's another offering from the book: "The Rainbow Wash" to clear and balance your energy.

Sit quietly and follow the breath. Let the mind settle into the silence and the rhythm. Imagine that you are sitting under a vibrant rainbow. Imagine the colors of that rainbow pass over you and through you in waves of color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Breathe the colors in one by one. You may feel the need to stay longer with one color; do so. Let them all pass through and dissolve away into the light around you. Let yourself feel the balance and energy color and light can bring you. Sit quietly in Awareness meditation and rise with more energy for yourself and your day.

A practical meditation is one that helps you live in this world, gives you strength, energy, and balance, increases your health, and reduces your stress. Here are more meditations from the archives:


Cosmic Energy
Take Good Care of Yourself
Spring, Renewal, Rebirth
You Are Energy
You Are Loved
Time and Energy
Staying Healthy In Today's World

Prayers and Affirmations

These practices are practical ways of nourishing yourself.

A Prayer
The Circle
Ask and You Shall Receive
The Open Heart
Continuous Prayer


Please see the link above "Awareness As Energy" for some meditations that will help you to explore the question " Who Am I"? This is one of the most fundamental spiritual questions and is an ongoing theme for meditation.

Meditation helps you not only to know yourself but to accept yourself. Please follow this link to the Great Goddess Page for meditations on Awareness  and Letting Go of Self-Judgment.

Here are many meditations from the archives to help you explore your unique and wonderful self.

Inner Resources, Accessing Your Inner Wisdom and Guidance

How to Consult an Oracle
Walking the Path
Winter Solstice
Inner Silence
What Do You Value?
The Star
The Inner Treasure

Creating a Conscious Self

Conscious Self
What Is My Purpose?
The Garden of the Self

Connection to Spirit

To know yourself is to experience your connection to spirit, and here are meditations from the archives that can help you with this.

The Feast of Imbolc
The Spirit of Love and Peace
Water Spirit Song
The Lesson of Autumn



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