Why is one born a human being?

Essentially, in order to love. One is born a human being in order to grow in awareness and learn that one has choice. The planet earth, the human life, are arenas in which one can learn the lessons of love and choice. It is clear, if you only think for a moment, that the human life is an incredible opportunity to learn to love. It is not automatic that this is what one will learn. One can choose hate, bitterness, revenge. Or one can choose love. One is presented with that choice at virtually every moment. Can you love yourself as you are walking down the street? Can you love this life as you wake up in the morning, even with all its imperfections and difficulties?

Here we have to speak a little of what love means. To love the human life doesn't mean that you approve of it, that you think it's a totally one hundred percent wonderful experience and you have boundless enthusiasm for it. It doesn't mean you wake up in the morning happy and ready to leap out of bed. It means that you embrace and accept the fullness of the human life, the pain and sorrow as well as the joy, the negativity as well as the positive aspects. When you love another person, you have to work with accepting the wholeness of that other person. It doesn't work to say, well, I love you when you're like this but not when you're like that. In loving yourself, the same is true. To love the human life means to accept its ignorance, its darknesses. In that sense, the challenge of the human being, is to experience the consciousness of God. Essentially the nature of what people call God, the universal consciousness, is non -judgmental, unconditional. God is Love. The human life is a crossroads: do you choose to know God, to live in love, to come closer to your true, essential self, or do you choose to go further down the path of ignorance, separation, and pain? People throughout history have asked why God has abandoned them, but they abandon themselves, each other, and the earth, over and over, by not loving, by rejecting.

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Very often people will view the human life as almost a punishment, that they are sent here to earth because they blew it somewhere, that they went astray, and they are sent here to earth because they have to learn some very hard lesson, and when they have learned it they get to go home. This view has contributed, and continues to contribute, to the difficulties of the earth. Historically, many people have focused on getting away from earth, to heaven, to spirit, to a better world. This earth has been rejected by so many. People who focus on their earthly existence have often been motivated by greed and their desire for dominance, and the earth has felt the effect of that also.

Many people see the human life as a life into which they are born because they are separated from God, and if they are good enough, they can return to God. This is a long -standing view, but we also encounter it in the contemporary new age philosophies. In fact the human life itself provides the opportunity to know God. People get themselves caught karmically at times in a bind. They end up returning to this human life again and again, because they haven't gotten it, that God isn't somewhere else.

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Here there is such a simple response to the question, why is one born a human being? One is born a human being in order to be fully human, to be here, to embrace the human life, to live its greatest possibility of love, choice and awareness. What if there is only one central purpose in the universe, to be your essential Self, to manifest your true nature? What if plants, trees, animals, rocks and water are in a constant state of living their purpose, being what they are? What if being a human being doesn't have a very special purpose? The universe is giving birth to countless forms at every moment. The human consciousness desires to see itself as central, meaningful, and evolving. Let go of that for moment.

There is a silence, a moment, in which the mind experiences itself in a different way, as a part of a vast network, beyond purpose and meaning, a breathing, tender consciousness that absorbs all thought of "why?" Then, being human, another question arises.... If being a human being is about choosing love, and returning to one's essential oneness with God, how did I get separated in the first place? Where does this individual consciousness come from? Why does there have to be separation in the universe?

As clearly as it is possible to say it, it is in the nature of formlessness to take form. It is in the nature of energy to take form. It is in the nature to love to give birth. Look at how that is reflected in the human life. Two people come together, not always in love, but in their desire for union, which at its root is love, even though it gets confused and distorted. People come together and out of that union, new form arises. It is in the nature of love to give birth. Therefore the universe is constantly giving birth to new forms, just by being what it is. Those forms, when they become aware of themselves, will experience themselves as separate beings. The human life provides the opportunity to experience the non -duality of form and formlessness. Again, in the human life people stand at the crossroads of the universe, where they can see and experience the consciousness of heaven, or the consciousness of hell. They have freedom of movement, in their consciousness, always. They have choice. They have vast possibilities of love. It is a well-known fact that only a small percentage of the human brain is used. In the same way, only a small percentage of the possibility of the human life is recognized and explored.

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In the human journey, people have this specific question: what is my purpose here, why did I come to earth? From a certain point of view, there is the essence of the human condition, the identification with the I. We would suggest to people that to begin with, at the very deepest level, people identify with the universal purpose. We have looked at this, that to be human is to have the opportunity to experience the non -duality of the individual consciousness and the universal consciousness, to experience one's essential nature of oneness and live that essential nature through love and awareness, that's what we would call, if we may dare to say so, a universal purpose. To identify with that and set it as one's purpose begins to open a great many doors, in one's consciousness and in the human life. To anyone on earth we would say, your basic purpose is to love, to be aware, and to make choices in your life based on love and awareness.

However, it is also true that these individual beings that are born from this universal consciousness have their own unique karma, their own patterns of consciousness. People have needs, talents, abilities, desires, dreams. It's important to find your own expression. As one works with the universal purpose, one will become better able to see one's way in the world. If you work with loving yourself, you will begin to know yourself. You will begin to recognize and honor your capabilities. You will feel what you are. You will see yourself as healer, artist, farmer, builder, activist, parent. A great deal of the confusion about purpose arises from not taking the time to know oneself, to clear out the internalized energies of parent and society. These days people are challenged to choose their purposes, their tasks. Society, or religion, or family used to assign purpose. Now you have choice, and still often you look for it outside.

You can set an intention for your human life. Intention is perhaps a more useful word than purpose. Trust yourself. Don't look for a cosmically assigned task. Ask yourself: what's my intention for this life? Again, human beings have the opportunity to do this, and, again, they will spend a lot of time looking for their assignment instead of recognizing the choice they have to intend to develop, serve, and express in a certain way. A lot of clarity can come from saying, this is what I want to do with this life of mine, this is what I intend to do with this life of mine. This is different from the idea that there's a destiny written for you.

We encounter people who are depressed because they can't find their purpose, or because they feel there should be a large purpose that focuses their whole life. Well, let the universal purpose be that. But recognize that on your individual journey your purpose or intention may need to shift from time to time, at different phases. It's a little difficult to say to a person, this is your purpose for the rest of your life.

Over lifetimes the soul, or individual consciousness, forms many intentions. These are still at work in your being. What is important to trust is that your current intentions will reflect your history. How could it be otherwise? At the same time, this is why it is important to acknowledge the fullness of who you are. Let us say that at one time you formed an intention to be rich and powerful, even at the expense of others. By now, in this lifetime, you have a strong intention to develop yourself spiritually and serve others. You feel glimmers of that old self but you push it away, reject it. Somewhere, some time, that old intention is going to make itself felt. To welcome the unwelcome aspects of yourself into consciousness and dialogue with them, understand them, will help you manifest more clearly your present conscious intention. Developing your own love, awareness and choice in this lifetime will help the soul's intentions of lifetimes to manifest more readily.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Your individual purpose is your choice. It doesn't have to be forever. It can be from day to day. One intention will lead to another; intention builds on itself. It can be helpful to forget for the time being what your purpose is here on earth in the larger sense and ask yourself when you wake up in the morning, what's my purpose here on earth today? Keep it simple. Practice setting intention in your day to day activities and it will become simpler to manifest larger intentions, year to year... or lifetime to lifetime.

The word purpose is an interesting one. Experiment for a moment with shifting your consciousness from the phrase "I have purpose" to "I am purpose." Everything in the universe is essentially purposeful. Even what is called accident, randomness, chaos, in the universe is part of a net of action and interaction. Whatever is given birth to in a given moment is intimately connected to what has previously come into being and passed away, and what will come into being. Everything in the universe is energetically connected to everything else. There is a pattern of relatedness, of meaning, in the forms of the human life. That's why people can read signs of one kind of another, cards, shells, bones. The patterns speak.

Affirm, "I am a part of a whole, I am not alone, I am related to everything that is." Go out into the forest. Notice the configurations of clouds, leaves, branches, rocks. Feel yourself a part of the configuration, just another part, no more, no less. Be there, silent, listening. Don't ask for an answer. Later, as you are in motion, walking home, try asking yourself, what's my intention for this human life? What do I want more than anything from this life? And what do I want to do for this life, to honor it, to show my love for it? See what arises. The next morning when you wake up, ask yourself, what can I do today to manifest my intention?

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You are human, and what a precious experience that is. You are here to learn love. You indeed have chosen to be here. Take a moment now to re -affirm that choice. Imagine that you are seeing the earth from a great distance. See it as from space. How beautiful it is! Green, blue, white, shifting light and color, a fragile, translucent sphere. Perhaps a tenderness arises, like that of a parent for a child. So many endless stories are being played out on that earth. Be aware of yourself on earth, playing out your story, creating your story, and of that consciousness that sees the whole, from the perspective of space. Come closer and closer until you feel yourself here, now, feet on the ground. You are both. You are the great consciousness that embraces earth and stars and space, and you are you, body and spirit, blood and feeling. Look at your hands, and love them. Look at your feet and feel them on the ground. Close your eyes for a moment and see again the earth, that distant sphere. Recognize it as your teacher, your guru, your master for this lifetime and many others. People prostrate before their teachers. They bow before red, orange, white, brown, black robed masters. This sphere of shifting blue green white light is a great teacher, a divine emissary, an unparalleled master. Honor such a teacher. You are blessed to live with her, to care for her, to learn from her.

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