Welcome! This website contains archives that reflect my work from 2000-2007. Please enjoy the many meditations and reflections. Since 2007 the focus of my work and channeling has been SourcePoint Therapy. This is an energy healing approach that my husband and partner in healing work, Bob Schrei, and I have evolved together, beginning in 1995. Bob now teaches this work in the U.S. and Europe. For more information about SourcePoint Therapy and to explore our ongoing blog please visit



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Simple Meditations to Use Your Energy Effectively

In every age people have sought to understand themselves, their world, and their universe. They have sought awareness, consciousness, inner knowing, enlightenment and transformation in the search for themselves.

"Know Yourself " has always been the fundamental teaching of every spiritual tradition. Legend says these words were inscribed over the gateway to the temple of the Oracle at Delphi. Socrates and Plato instructed their disciples thus. Jesus said "The kingdom of Heaven is within you." The Buddha told people "Within this very body is the entire universe, and its arising and ceasing."

To know yourself means:

To understand the forces of karma, ancestry, biology and culture that have shaped our present lives and become aware of the energetic patterns we carry in body, mind, and spirit.

To experience the clear inner light of Awareness, that is greater than all these patterns, that makes transformation possible.

To create a conscious self, born of love and awareness rather than old conditioning.

In this path of self-discovery there can be many guides and helpers. Meditation is one way of knowing the self. On the Meditations page you will find:

for awakening and activating the inner light of consciousness.

skills for centering, dealing with emotional and health issues, stress-relief, energy conservation and interpersonal dynamics.

using image and visualization to explore the self and access inner guidance.

Meditation can help you live a life of vibrant energy, with wisdom and compassion, joy and acceptance. You are your path. Your life, every moment of it, is your spiritual path. Meditation is not a practice to take you out of yourself, away from this world. It is an exploration that expands your experience of this world and yourself, grounds you in your daily life, brings an experience of the multi-dimensional self and universe that colors everyday life with a sense of magic and wonder.

Meditation is an intensely creative act. You don’t have to follow one set of instructions, one particular program, a set daily regimen. Meditation is the act of knowing yourself intimately, accepting yourself deeply, and experiencing each moment exactly as it is.

You may think you don’t have enough time or you can’t do it. Please see the article “Common Misconceptions about Meditation” (Meditations)

Welcome to yourself, your life as your path, and the experience of that light of Awareness that is present in each one of us, at the heart of everything. May your exploration of this site bring you a connection to the universal Awareness, and an accompanying experience in your life of love, joy, abundance, health and peace.


On this site, your guide to the discovery and awakening of the conscious self is Donna Thomson. Donna has 40 years experience in spiritual study and meditation practice, including 15 years at a Zen meditation center. She has a Masters Degree in Social Work, has worked as an individual and family therapist and is the author of "The Vibrant Life: Simple Meditations to Use Your Energy Effectively" (Sentient Publications, 2006). This book has been published in Germany by Knaur-Verlag with the title "Mehr Energie!" and has also been published in India and Romania.

Donna is also the co-originator of SourcePoint Therapy, an energetic healing system.

Since 1986 Donna has channeled a higher consciousness she calls simply Awareness. From 1993-2006 she travelled regularly in the U.S. and Europe bringing through the light of Awareness in group and individual Awareness sessions. While the foundation of her work remains constant, her connection to spirit continues to expand and deepen. She now also channels healing light, energy and information from the SourcePoint perspective for individuals and groups.



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