Dear Friends,

From the time I first began doing Awareness sessions in 1987, when people would ask about the future world situation, Awareness would always respond -if there is one thing people need to be really concerned about, it is global warming. This was a t a time when scientists and governments alike were denying that there was any proof of negative effect from global warming. A new report* has just been released saying now that scientists project if things continue as they are by the year 2050 one million species will be extinct because of global warming. We have to wake up, and wake others up, and here are some reflections from Awareness on this. Thank you for taking the time to read them and contemplate them.

* An Unnatural Disaster, The Guardian, January 8, 2004

- Donna

There are so many different levels of Awareness. When you sit quietly in meditation you enter into a pure Awareness, a simple acceptance of what is happening moment after moment after moment. You are aware of being aware.

As you experience Awareness you understand you are a part of a vast network, a great web of life, a wondrous Whole.You understand the truth and wisdom of the ancient teachings that say - All is One.

So it is good at this time to bear witness, to acknowledge the great shift that is occurring in the web of life. So many life forms are and will be leaving. Please read the article above* and understand that this matter of global warming is of extreme importance to the human race and to this world as a whole.

What can anyone do? You can be aware that this is happening. As you let yourself feel the great shift that is occurring, as you let yourself believe this is happening, notice: how does this shift your actions in the world? Perhaps it causes you to join an organization that is seeking to bring a greater global awareness to this issue. Perhaps it changes for whom you vote. Perhaps it simply makes you infinitely aware of the preciousness of life on this earth. Perhaps it makes you tend more carefully to the life around you, and to your own life. There are so many ways that Awareness can shift your actions in the world. There is no formula. You will be guided by your Awareness.

But let us together be a witness to this great leaving, to this great dying. Let it not go unnoticed, not grieved, unspoken. To be a human being alive in this world today means to live with this question: "What is my response to this? How do I live in a world where so much is dying, and what do I do?"

This month, this year, this lifetime, remember: Awareness means Awareness of the Whole, the web of life.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.





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This New Year take deep into your heart and hold close the ancient teaching: know yourself. Let this instruction echo through your being. If you feel you do not understand what this means, ask yourself: "What does it mean to know myself?" "What is the self?" "How do I know it?" As you ask these questions, you will be guided. You will find your way.

Know that to know and understand yourself is to understand the universe, the world in which you live.

To know yourself means to sit quietly with yourself, to feel the breath coming in and out.To know yourself means to love yourself. To know yourself means to bring Awareness and attention to the moments of your life, your interactions with others, and your relationship to the world and universe in which you dwell. Remember that the very seeking to know yourself is your path. Remember the basic principle: you are your path. The moments of your life are your wise, compassionate and often demanding teachers.

What will 2004 bring? Who can say? To know yourself does not mean that you have yourself, or the world, or the universe, all figured out. The self, the world and the universe are great mysteries. To know yourself is to surrender to the mystery of who you are, the great possibility of your unique life, and all of its unique limitations and challenges. To know this universe is to surrender to its mystery. To know the year 2004 at this point is to surrender to its great mystery, to allow it to unfold with all its possibilities, all its unknowns, all its great uncertainties, knowing and being guided by the inner light of your innate Awareness.

Sit sometimes and feel quietly the Awareness within you. As you sit you are aware of yourself sitting. You are aware of yourself being aware of being aware. You are aware of a vast field of awareness, in which you move and live and have your being, which is no other than your being, from which every thought, every activity, every breath arises, which permeates and suffuses every moment of your life and which you share with every other being. As you take breath, you are aware. Honor that Awareness within. As you know that Awareness, you know yourself.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Every Thursday evening we have a prayer circle here at my home in New Mexico at 8 pm Mountain Standard Time. That’s 10pm Eastern time, 8pm Central time, and 7pm Pacific time in the USA. Please join us if you wish. Take a few minutes to tune in and connect with the light in yourself, to join us in that great collective web of consciousness. Say a prayer for peace, for all beings, for yourself, for your loved ones….whatever you need.  It is 4 in the morning in Europe but…join us in dreamtime.

With Love,


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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