Within you there are great treasures, vast reserves of strength and courage, wisdom and compassion, light and healing. This is a time for acknowledging the treasure that lies within.

All around you there are great resources of strength and courage, wisdom and compassion, light and healing. So many ancient teachings describe the unity of the inner and outer worlds, the macrocosm and the microcosm: “As above, so below.” This means that as you explore your inner world of wisdom and compassion and discover all the resources within you, as those qualities shine forth in you, as you experience them, as you open to the wonder of your inner being, those qualities are mirrored out into the world. The wisdom and compassion in you calls forth the wisdom and compassion “out there.” As you dwell in anger and fear, hatred and resentment, those qualities are called forth in the world “out there,” ignited and intensified.

This does not mean that it is up to you individually to save the world and that every time you experience anger, fear or despair you are somehow responsible for all the suffering of the world. You will experience anger, of course, as a human being. How you experience that anger, how you respond to it, if you can let it pass without getting stuck in it, how you find ways to communicate it and resolve it, all of that is mirrored back into the world. Someone around you sees that process. That shifts something in them, which will eventually shift something in someone else, and wisdom and compassion in the world are called forth by your efforts.

It works the other way around. As you have experiences of wisdom and compassion, light and healing, with other people, in nature, in prayer or meditation, those qualities are called forth in you. There are many cycles in life. There is the cycle of suffering, the cycle of abuse, where the abused become the abusers. There is the cycle of wisdom and compassion, light and healing. As you nurture those qualities in yourself, as you honor those qualities in the world around you and give your attention to them, you enter into a different cycle. Every single moment that you make a choice to call forth the wisdom and compassion, the love, awareness, light, healing within you there is great rejoicing, one can say, throughout the universe. Honor those moments. Don’t judge yourself when you get caught up in old patterns of fear or anger, rejoice when you make a different choice.

Take a moment now and affirm to yourself: Within me there are vast resources of wisdom and compassion, healing, light and love that I have only begun to realize.

Take a breath. Feel that belief begin to permeate your being. Ask: May I open myself ever more to the wisdom, compassion, light, and healing within me.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free of suffering. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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