MARCH 2004


The Bodhisattvas are great beings of light who carry healing energy into this world, who are vehicles of light. The Bodhisattva is one who has vowed always to stay in this world for the purpose of serving and helping others, for the purpose of bringing light into this world. The Bodhisattva does not disappear to heaven, or nirvana. The Bodhisattva does not ascend into higher realms and leave this earth to the forces of anger, greed and ignorance.

The Bodhisattvas seek to share the love and joy of being with all beings.

The Bodhisattvas are there to help you when you are overwhelmed by this world, when you feel you cannot find your way. Ask them to help you and they will come to you in many forms. The Bodhisattvas appear in many forms, as humans, angels, spirits, masters and teachers, guides, as animals, plants and birds. They appear in ordinary people helping each other. The Bodhisattva consciousness truly can be found in anyone who seeks to bring greater love and light and awareness into this world. The Bodhisattva consciousness can be found in anyone who seeks to bring healing and alleviate pain and suffering.

The Bodhisattvas have infinite patience; they do not tire of the ups and downs of human beings, the confusion and ignorance, the greed and anger. The Bodhisattvas will never abandon this world, no matter how great the turmoil.

The Bodhisattva is that Presence of love and awareness always there at the heart of every pain and every suffering, that Presence of love and awareness that is always there to be called upon, to be experienced

Those great beings of light we call Bodhisattvas help you to realize that light, that consciousness, in yourself. To follow the Bodhisattva Way is to make a commitment to the light of love and awareness in your own heart, to experiencing the consciousness of the Bodhisattva within yourself. To follow the Bodhisattva Way is to be present with what is, to seek to act from the light of love and awareness present in your own heart. As follow that way you learn infinite patience, with yourself, with others, with this great world.

Infinite patience does not mean that you martyr yourself, that you endure everything, that you never speak up, that you simply take upon yourself the pain and suffering of others. Infinite patience means you do not abandon yourself. You do not judge yourself.  You do not abandon your commitment to the path of love and awareness, to being present with what is. Infinite patience means above all Presence.

As you breathe in, as you breathe out, as you move through your day, the Bodhisattva Way is tender attention to each moment, to each event, to others, and also to yourself. The Bodhisattva voice is the one that rises up in the midst of self-judgment and self-doubt, in the midst of judgment of others, anger and fear, and says: “Wait. Observe. Be present. Be with what is.” From that being with what is arise wisdom and compassion.  That wisdom and compassion know what to do and how to act.

That Bodhisattva consciousness is not afraid of confusion. The Bodhisattva allows the confusion to resolve itself, explores the different possibilities, loves you as you go around and around in circles seeking clarity, will be patient with you as you go up and down, back and forth, make breakthroughs, get pulled back by old patterns again and again. The Bodhisattva watches the rise and fall of the waves with compassion, with great tenderness, and with infinite patience. The Bodhisattva consciousness within you, the guiding light of love and awareness within you, does all of this also, more and more, as you follow the Bodhisattva Way.  You can feel it grow within you, slowly, over time, moment to moment.

Those great beings of light that you may call by whatever names you wish are present in this world in many ways. They are present in your own consciousness. The infinite patience of the Bodhisattva arises from the trust, the knowing, that in each person there is the light of love and awareness; that in each person there is the heart of the Bodhisattva.

Take a moment now and experience your essential nature, the light, love and awareness at the very core of your being, the Bodhisattva consciousness within yourself.

May all beings be happy and peaceful and free of suffering.

Note: “Bodhisattva” is traditionally a Buddhist term but you don’t have to be a Buddhist to follow the Bodhisattva Way. It embraces all religions, transcends all form.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

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