November 2000 - Peace

Dear Friends,
The first message here is directly from the Awareness. The second one is a more personal one from me.
With love, Donna


This month please take the time to reflect on peace. How can you bring a greater peacefulness into your life, into your mind and heart, and by so doing bring a greater peace into the world?

How do you experience conflict in your life? How do you avoid it? How do you work with it? Peace is not the simple avoidance of conflict.
Be aware of your anger. Ask yourself: what is this anger trying to communicate to me?

Especially at this particular time, anger that arises may have a great deal to do with the need to communicate something to somebody. This month at the personal, national and global levels there is an urgent need for communication and dialogue.

Listen to yourself and to others. Act on what you hear. Peace is not a passive withdrawal from life.

Listen to Mother Earth. She cries out these days. She is not at peace. The extremes of weather are a message. Those who continue to debate whether global warming is really happening, whether human beings are responsible for it, and whether it will have a profound effect are in denial. The imbalances grow and they will have a profound effect on the quality of life here on this earth. Listen to her cry and ask yourself what you can do in any seemingly small way to respond to it, to bring a greater balance and peacefulness to Mother Earth.

Peace. How does one find inner peace in the midst of conflict? How does one stay open to communication in systems and societies that often seem to reject open communication and dialogue? How does one transform one's fear and anger into loving action? There is no simple answer to these questions. These questions are in themselves a meditation. One's life becomes the answer to these questions.


Those of us who live in the USA have the opportunity in the month of November to bring a meditative awareness to an important choice: the election of a new president.

Many people are confused about how to vote, or whether to vote at all. It's a good time for what I call the "Choice Meditation."

Sit down and breathe quietly, bringing your Awareness to your breath. Become aware of your Awareness. Follow your breath for a time; be in Awareness. Ask your deep inner knowing, your Awareness, to guide you in this choice.

Place your hands on your knees, palm up. Imagine you are placing the candidates in your hands, holding them in your Awareness. Work with whatever choices you are drawn to -Gore and Bush, Gore and Nader, or whatever else, at the national or local level. Bring your Awareness to each choice. Notice what thoughts and feelings arise, what insights come to you, as you move your Awareness from one hand to another.

(Note: Awareness works best when it has information. Inform yourself about the issues. Elections are a good time to remember the Buddha's words: "Put everything to the test of your own reason and experience. Accept nothing on the basis of faith or hearsay alone.")

As you meditate with the possibilities, ask yourself: What does my inner Awareness tell me? What choice is in greatest alignment with my inner knowing, my values, my beliefs? Am I choosing from loving Awareness or from fear? What do I wish to communicate with my vote?

In your mind, dissolve all the possibilities away into light. Detach. Sit breathing quietly, feeling yourself part of larger Whole, a Presence that is greater than but not separate from this world of duality, choice and action. Ask your Awareness to continue to guide you in being true to it, true to your deepest self, as you make this decision and in all your actions.

In reading this some people may say - but I come here to this site because I want to grow spiritually. I'm not interested in politics.

Withdrawal from the world is certainly a choice. It is, however, increasingly difficult to separate "the world" and "spirituality." I don't here advocate a particular candidate (although I have my own personal opinions that I'm glad to share with you if you're interested). Here I simply point out that the conscious practice and exercise of choice wherever possible is an important aspect of developing Awareness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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