Dear Friends, I apologize for missing the October monthly message. Here are some reflections from Awareness for November. Also, look later in the month for new additions to the Goddess page and the Conscious Self page.

When you finish reading this message, stop. Close your eyes and take a breath. Imagine the star in your heart. Perhaps some of you have done this meditation many times; perhaps for some of you it is new. It is always new, and yet you remember it always rom deep inside you. Stop. Take a breath and imagine the star in your heart. It can be the eight-pointed star of the Goddess, the five-pointed star of divine proportion, the six-pointed star of that perfect balance, the intersection of heaven and earth. Whatever form of the star draws you, imagine it now in your heart, white or golden.

The star is the universal symbol of the divine presence, the guiding light, the connection to the cosmos. It radiates divine presence continuously. It is a form beyond culture or religion. This month is a very good time to feel your connection to the stars, the great cosmos, the divine intelligence, the whole of which you are a part. You live and breathe and move attuned to that divine intelligence.

This week, at the very beginning of the month, the weekend of November 8 and 9, there is a configuration of six planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Chiron. They form a double trine, the pattern of the six-pointed star. The upward-pointing triangle and the downward pointing triangle intersect in perfect harmony. This month, do this meditation of the star as often as you can. Throughout your day, for a few moments at a time, feel the presence of the guiding light, the perfect balance and harmony, the divine intelligence, within your heart. The intersection of the two triangles represents the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. So it is a good time to feel that balance within yourself, to allow the old stereotypes of masculine and feminine to disappear. It is a good time to honor the God and the Goddess, the Divine Mother and Father, the Yin and the Yang. It is a good time to believe in possibility of balance, in the presence of an underlying order, harmony and flow.

As you meditate with the star in the heart, you attune yourself to that flow, to the divine intelligence. You feel the guidance of that divine intelligence in your daily life. You trust the inner voice more and more. You go your own way, rather than the way that is dictated by culture or society, family or old conditioning, and yet it is not only your own way. It is the path of alignment, attunement, the path of the divine intelligence. It is the path of knowing your true self.

The perfect union of masculine and feminine, as represented by the six-pointed star, brings the birth of the divine child. The divine child is the conscious self, the one who chooses to explore the self, to know the self, to live from the deepest self, to live in connection to the divine intelligence.

All of this does not happen overnight, in a weekend, or even in a lifetime. And yet, the possibility is always there, the experience is always waiting for you. In every moment is the possibility of bringing that conscious self into being, manifesting it in the world. In every moment you can know yourself. The moments of knowing alternate with the loss of knowledge, the seeming disconnection. This is where faith comes in, the faith that this connection can never be broken, that you are always connected to the divine intelligence, to your true self. There is no fault, no blame, in the moments of loss. The connection is present, the knowledge of the connection arises, it disappears, like the rising and falling of the waves in the sea. You always return, you cannot be lost.

Take time this month to do the simple practice of the star in the heart, to experience your true self.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Every Thursday evening we have a prayer circle here at my home in New Mexico at 8 pm Mountain Standard Time. That’s 10pm Eastern time, 8pm Central time, and 7pm Pacific time in the USA. Please join us if you wish. Take a few minutes to tune in and connect with the light in yourself, to join us in that great collective web of consciousness. Say a prayer for peace, for all beings, for yourself, for your loved ones….whatever you need.  It is 4 in the morning in Europe but…join us in dreamtime.

With Love,