There are certain themes to which one returns over and over. Love is one of these. Love is a word that is over-used. Love is a word that carries so many connotations it is almost impossible to define. Love is a word that carries its own energy, regardless of what you may think or feel about love, regardless of what your experience of love may have been. The love we speak of here is that unconditional love of the divine for all its manifestations. One can say, the unconditional love for itself in all its many forms.

At this time of year, there is a shifting of the light. The days grow shorter. The darkness of winter lies ahead. This is a time when traditionally the veils between the worlds are thin. That means the presence of spirit can be felt strongly. As the light changes, the darkness comes, once catches glimpses of the transcendental light that illuminates all existence, to feel the love that radiates all around you. It is a good time to love the earth and be loved by it.

Take a moment, a day, an hour, this month to go out into the forest, wherever you can find it, or sit on a hillside, or by a lake, under the sky, the blue sky of autumn. As you sit there, let yourself feel how much the earth and sky love you, how much the trees love you, the rocks, the ground beneath you, the water, that everything around you is the manifestation of that divine intelligence from which life arises. Everything around you in its very nature supports all life, your life. All around you life is bursting forth even as the year is dying.

Simply sit with the thought "I am loved." Place your hand upon the earth, lean your back against the tree, look up at the sky. Allow the thought "I am loved" to permeate your heart, your body, your mind, Feel that love being returned. From the depths of your being love arises, for tree, earth, sky, for the leaf that falls, and for the bare branch. Honor the profound relationship you have with earth and sky, with water, with the light that surrounds you as you sit there. The love that you give and receive will nourish and sustain you. Now, when the veils are thin, and worlds beyond worlds of spirit open themselves more readily to your vision, take time to open yourself to the love that surrounds you.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.




These days people need inner strength, inner peace and inner resources to navigate their way through the modern world.

For centuries meditation has been perceived as an esoteric practice. Those who want to escape the world go away and meditate in caves or pray in chapels. In these times, meditation is a skill that helps you life your life in this world. You can survive without it, but there is a great resource there for you in the experience of meditation. Why deny yourself that?

There are spiritual teachers who now say meditation is not necessary and even old-fashioned, that somehow people have moved beyond the need for it. It all depends what you mean by meditation. Meditation is not only following a disciplined spiritual practice where you sit down every day in a certain posture at the same time and do a specific practice for a certain period of time. It is so that model does not work for many people in today's world.

If we define meditation as entering into a state of Awareness, resting in the Awareness that is the essence of mind, if we define meditation as learning about and experiencing that Awareness, if we define meditation as identifying with that Awareness rather than the objects of Awareness, then one can meditate in many different ways at many different times in many different postures, standing, sitting, walking, lying, throughout the day. Meditation is something that can be experienced for a few minutes in the midst of daily activities or it can be experienced for a longer period of time.

There is no doubt it is helpful to make a space for it, to say: now I am going to meditate. Now I am going to sit down and experience the light of Awareness within me. I am going to rest in that Awareness. In that process, as one sits quietly, being aware of the breath moving in and out of the body, being aware of the thoughts in the mind, being aware of feelings, sensations, perceptions, one returns over and over simply to Awareness, the Awareness of being aware.

There is no battle; there is no struggle. The thoughts simply come and go. To make meditation a battleground between yourself and your thoughts, yourself and your feelings, is not helpful. It can be helpful to have something more than the breath to focus on, and so you can imagine the light of Awareness as a golden flame in the heart, a small golden light in the heart center. It can be helpful to visualize, to imagine the blue sky and the thoughts that come and go as the clouds in that sky. Mantra, the repetition of a word, or divine name or sacred phrase, can help to focus the mind and bring it into attunement with the underlying peace and harmony of all that is.

There are so many different ways to meditate. To meditate means to be in touch with your true self, your deep self. Meditation is an endlessly creative, intensely personal act. There is no formula, no right way or wrong way to do it. If you are so inclined, the discipline of a particular spiritual tradition can be helpful. If you are not so inclined, it doesn't mean the doorway of meditation is closed to you.

To meditate is to enter the flow of all that is, with Awareness, with an open heart, with self-acceptance, with deep desire to understand the truth of your being. Meditation is loving yourself and the world you live in. Difficult, challenging and painful as it can be, it is a beautiful world. To meditate is to experience a heightened Awareness of all the many aspects of life in this world, the beauty, the pain, the joy, the sorrow, and the great, transcendent Awareness that embraces it all.

Meditation is honoring the light in yourself, others, and the world.

May all beings be happy, peaceful, and free of suffering.



Dear Friends,

For the last ten years my husband, Bob Schrei, and I have been working together to evolve an energetic healing system we now call SourcePoint Therapy. This system has been developed through years of study, Awareness Sessions, meditation, and Bob's healing work. Bob brings his extensive knowledge and experience of body-mind-spirit to his work with this system, and is now beginning to teach it only after seeing its effectiveness in his own private practice and after receiving very positive feedback from other healers he has shared the method with privately.

He is giving a weekend workshop for bodyworkers, cranial-sacral therapists, acupuncturists, and other interested healers in October. I am sending you the announcement below which gives some details about the work, as well as the workshop info.

If you are interested, please contact me, and/or pass the info on to someone you know. If any of you in other parts of the country are interested in attending, I am happy to help arrange accommodations. Thanks! Donna




SourcePoint Therapy is a simple energetic approach to healing, intended to support and enhance whatever modality you are using as a practitioner.

Sourcepoint Therapy works with points in the human energy field that connect the physical body directly to the universal blueprint of health.

Sourcepoint Therapy locates blockages in the body that obstruct the information of order, balance, harmony and flow contained in the blueprint from manifesting. These blockages are of the the source point for the presenting symptom pattern of your client.

There is a joke . A refrigerator is broken. The owner calls someone to fix it. She arrives, quickly assesses the situation, takes out a small hammer, taps three times and everything works fine. She says, "That will be $200." The owner says, "What! You only worked for one minute." Her reply? I don't charge for my time or technique. I charge for knowing where to tap!"

This workshop will teach you "where to tap." Learning to connect to the blueprint of health will support, nurture, and sustain your healing work and increase your effectiveness as a practitioner, regardless of your modality.

October 13-15 in Santa Fe, NM
Cost: $250

Bob Schrei is a Certified Advanced Rolfer, cranial-sacral therapist, artist, former Zen teacher and the originator of SourcePoint Therapy.

Call 505-983-7213 for reservations or e-mail us from the Contacts page.



For those of you who love adventure, fantasy, and spiritual quest, here is a novel for you. Written by my good friend and storyteller Rafe Martin, it is said to be a novel for young adults, and is there anyone out there who doesn't fit that description at heart?

Perhaps you remember the fairy tale of the six brothers who were turned into swans by an enchantress. They are saved by their devoted sister, who weaves six magic shirts to break the spell. The sixth shirt is incomplete and the youngest brother is left with one wing of a swan instead of an arm. This is his story: what does it mean to be part boy, part swan, to be a winged boy between worlds, belonging not completely in one or the other? How does he find his place in the human world? This is the story of "Birdwing." It is available now for pre-order from Amazon and will be in bookstores in October.

May the intense and translucent light of Autumn heighten your Awareness and illuminate your heart..


Donna Leslie Thomson
Glorieta, New Mexico

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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