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Dear Friends.

I invite you this month to spend a few moments in meditation every day, without struggle or a sense of obligation, without strain or goal, to connect with yourself, to connect with that Presence that is greater than yourself, whatever name you may have for It.

In turning your attention inward, in experiencing the universe within you, you are supported by Spirit, by the Divine, by Light and Awareness and Love.

One aspect of that Presence is the Goddess. Whether you believe in Her or not, you can imagine Her, and in that imagination there is healing, love, and peace.

In our culture we are taught to distrust our imagination. When we meditate, we are constantly questioning: is this real? Is this just my imagination? Remember, the ability to image, the gift of imagination, is one of our greatest gifts from Spirit. It is the doorway to Spirit, to the Goddess, to God, and to our own deep selves. It is the doorway to transformation. So, this month, please, allow yourself to imagine and believe in the possibility of what you imagine, whether it is a personal or global vision, an old or a new dream. Nourish your imagination, your vision, with meditation, and then your imagination, your vision, will nourish you.

And when I say a few moments, I mean it. More is fine, but moments are enough.

With love, Donna


Meditation with the Divine Feminine

The Great Goddess surrounds us with a vast silence, and speaks:

My daughters, as often as you can, sit with Me. Pay attention to your breath, if only for a few moments, and feel the spaciousness and silence of meditation. Meditation is not something you do. In meditation you come home to Me. You enter my dwelling place. I embrace you and say, “Welcome. Welcome to the vast spaciousness and silence that is your healing, your home and your source. Soon enough, from one moment to the next, the outer world will call you. You will have to go away. Do not fear, my daughters, you can always come back. Your home is always here, waiting for you.”

Do not use meditation as another excuse to judge yourself or doubt yourself, to feel that you do not do enough, or you should do more. Again the Great Mother is like any mother –a few moments with her child is enough. A mother knows that her daughter is busy and has much to do in the outer world. She does not demand that you come home for hours and spend hours sitting with her silently—just a few moments from time to time, to remember our connection, to share the silence.

Those few moments, my daughters, will do you much good, and take little of your time. I give them freely. I open the door to meditation. I open the door to your home. “Come in,” I say, “Sit down.” Together we breathe. Together we allow the cares of the outside world to dissolve away. Together we have a few moments of silence, and peace, and connection. That, my daughters, is meditation.

Close your eyes, and imagine an opening into a great radiant darkness, a starry night. Feel yourself surrounded by silence, breathing in silence, a stillness so profound that it penetrates every corner of your being. Rest there. Feel yourself surrounded by love, breathing in love, a love so profound it warms every corner of your being. Rest there.

From The Great Goddess Calls Her Daughters: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine For Today's World by Donna Thomson, 2003.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

Please also see the Winter 2006 Newsletter for more help with “Staying Healthy in Today’s World.”

Donna Thomson
Glorieta, New Mexico

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