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Peace is not the absence of the conflict. Peace is the willingness to resolve conflict non-violently.

Violence is a chain reaction, a seemingly endless cycle of attack and counter-attack.

Peace is a conscious choice, a realization that at any point in the cycle, there is the choice of non-violent resolution. Peace is awareness of that choice, and acting on that awareness.

People say human beings are naturally aggressive. Why? Just because they have always fought wars, just because animals fight to defend their territory? That's like saying just because there were no airplanes two hundred years ago airplanes can't exist. They obviously do. What has always been true doesn't have to continue to be true.

Violence is a habit, not an inherent and inevitable fact of being human. It's conditioning. It's one of the deepest, oldest, most ingrained habits of the human life. It's not easy to break a habit. You can ask, "How do I break the habit of violence in myself?" Remember, there's no abstract "world" or "human race" that's going to break the habit.

Exercise your power of conscious choice whenever and wherever you can, in relation to your own internal states of conflict, in relation to the conflict you encounter in the outer world.

Remember, "I have choice." Let that awareness arise in situations of conflict, and examine your choices carefully.

This month would be a good time to meditate on peace, pray for peace, reflect on peace. In a circle there are no opposing sides, so gather in circles and pray for the non-violent resolution of conflict to become the new habit of human beings. Don't tell yourself it's impossible, because then it is.

Recognize that you live at a crucial time in human history when the survival of the human race depends on breaking the habit of violence.

So that is something to work with this month!

How does one live in a world driven by the habit of violence? Come back to center over and over, become aware of breath, balance, and awareness; align yourself with the balance and harmony, love and awareness that are present even in the midst of violence and hatred. From that center, live your life with conscious acts of kindness and compassion, towards yourself and others, over and over, letting go of fear, over and over.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

And remember…meditation in today's world is not an esoteric practice. It's a survival skill!

Donna Thomson
Glorieta, New Mexico

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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