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A message from Awareness:

At the time of the winter solstice and the New Year, take at least one moment to turn inward, to be with yourself deeply, to honor that there is an intention and purpose to being here on this earth, at this time.

What is it? People search for this purpose; they long to know why they are here. The answer lies at the heart of your being, unspoken, wordless. Trust. If there weren’t a reason for you to be here, you wouldn’t be here. Your being is a very manifestation of the deep intention of your soul.

The New Year is a favorite time to set goals. The dark of the solstice is a good time for vision and dream. The deep intention of your soul is beyond word, or thought. It is in fact beyond knowing. That is why to align oneself with one’s deep intention is an act of faith, the trust that there is that in you that knows where it is going, what it is doing and why it is doing it.

If that deep intention is allowed to guide you, to manifest freely, to flow, to pulse at the very center of your being, then one’s life takes on greater clarity, focus and direction. One’s conscious intentions and goals come into alignment with one’s deep intention.

How does one access that deep intention? It is so simple, and so often people reject that which is simple. They don’t believe in the power of simplicity. They want programs, regimens and prescriptions, and then they rebel against them.

Here are simple ways to align with your intention and allow that energy to move you forward.

  1. Sit down at twilight, when the sky is growing dark, on the solstice and whenever you can until the new year. Between the solstice and the new year is a powerful time. Sit in a darkened room where you can see the sky. Become quiet. Listen for your breath. Feel your breath. Ask for the help of spirit in aligning with your deep intention. Feel the rhythm of your breath; be aware of it. Know that as you attune to the rhythm of your breath, you attune to your own unique being, to your unique rhythm. Feel the pulse of your self. As you experience this, you come into alignment with yourself. As you sit there breathing, you are breathing your purpose, being your intention, and all your attention is focused on your breath, your purpose, your being. You gather yourself into yourself and know without knowing that you are guided from deep within.

  2. Imagine a golden flame in the heart, or a star, or a sun, or a little teardrop of light, a prism. That light represents your deep intention, the wisdom of your soul, that is often beyond the comprehension of your conscious mind. Focus your mind on that light. Let it dwell there, let it return there over and over. As one is beset by thoughts, or doubts, or fears, hopes or expectations, let the mind return to that light. Affirm to yourself “I am guided by the light of my own soul. I am guided by the light of my own intention.”

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

Donna Thomson
Glorieta, New Mexico

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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