Releasing the Energy Caught in Old Belief Systems

Because the Awareness emphasizes the importance of working with belief systems at this time I am including the following exercise from my book “You Are Energy.” This exercise is one of several in the chapter on belief systems. If you are not already working with the book, please consider it. I have received a lot of positive feedback from people and have found that many of the issues that arise in sessions can be addressed effectively with ongoing work with the meditations in the book. Ordering information is available on this website..

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The first step, as in working with your thoughts, is to identify some of your most basic beliefs. Sit down quietly, pay attention to the breath, draw a line of light around yourself and ask yourself: "What do I believe, deep inside myself, about myself, life, relationship, work, people, the world, the universe?" Begin with yourself. What do you believe about yourself? Whatever emerges, try to keep it in short, simplistic, black and white terms. Don't get into a long discussion with yourself about how you don't really believe this, or sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. Admit it. I believe this.

This admission, this surrender to your deepest belief systems, is a really important step. Experience a sense of wonder: "Wow, I really believe this. This is what runs me." If you let yourself see that you really believe this, you will immediately understand much more about your habitual patterns of behavior. Usually people try to deny their deep beliefs because they're afraid of them. They don't want to believe they really believe that.

Once you've identified a belief system and surrendered to it, feel it all the way through your body. Repeat to yourself, I believe this. Don't be discouraged. Once a belief is up in consciousness, once you've identified it in its most blatant form and admitted you believe it, it's already lost some of its power. Belief systems thrive on being hidden away, existing underground, buried deep in the unconscious. They grow big and strong on your denial of them, your refusal to acknowledge them.

Locate the belief system in your body. Where does it live? Where do you feel it? The solar plexus? Lower back? Neck? Jaws? Find it, and experience the sensation. What does this belief system feel like? What physical sensations are associated with it? Experience that you carry this belief system in your body.

Label the belief system, put it into words, and feel those words reverberate through the body: "I'm not good enough." Now, move this belief system out of your body. Imagine those words moving out of the body onto that by now familiar distant screen. See them outside yourself. Notice what sensations arise in your body when you do this. As you did with the thoughts, dissolve the words away into golden light. Watch that old belief system become a cloud of golden light, pure energy.

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May you and all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

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