Time and Energy

The energies in the human world accelerate. Time seems to pass quickly. People say, I don't have enough time, I don't have enough energy. Time and energy are closely related. When you have a lot of energy it seems as though you have more time. You get more things done, time flows. From our perspective it is essential in these times that people learn to work with their energy, to understand the flow of energy, the balance of energy, in themselves, in their relationships with others, in their relationship to the earth and the cosmos. If your energy is in balance you will feel you have more time to accomplish, create, relax, and enjoy life. Here is one simple contemplation hat can help you to experience a shift in your energy level.

Reflect on this fact: you are energy. It is not that you have energy or don't have it. This universe is a vast storehouse of energy. Everything is energy, including you. Simply sit for a while and breathe in the thought "I am energy.' Even if you are tired you are still energy. Even if you have been ill and the physical body is weak, you are still energy. Energy is constantly changing, moving. The more you experience yourself as energy, the less stuck you will feel. As you breathe in the thought "I am energy" let it soak through your veins, let it move to every corner of your body. Remind yourself of that when you are feeling low energy. Just let that thought filter through your being. "I am energy, this whole world is energy, this whole universe is energy. I am a part of the universal energy. I am the universal energy. That energy supports and sustains my own personal existence. As I breathe, I breathe in that fundamental life energy to nourish and support my physical being in this world."

That universal energy is there to support you. This is the third time in this newsletter we have given you that message in slightly different form. It seems important for people to remember it at this time. Believe it, experience it. That universal energy is there to help you awaken in yourself and manifest in this world greater consciousness, greater loving. What greater gift can you give back to this universe at this time than to participate actively in that awakening and manifesting of consciousness?

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

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