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Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you again an excerpt from my new book "The Great Goddess Calls Her Daughters: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine for Today's World" ©2003 Donna Leslie Thomson. For workshops and sessions I will be in Europe from September 17 through October 23. If you are interested in my Europe schedule please see my travel schedule. In the U.S. I will be in Rochester, NY for individual sessions from October 24-31. For appoinments, please contact Judy Adnepos at 585-461-4687 as soon as possible as the times available fill up quickly.


She comes, the Great Goddess, Her great breasts draped in colors of gold, orange and red. She comes, bright blue of eye, with cloud-white hair, blown on the wind, light as a leaf, radiant as the autumn sky. She comes willing to be stripped naked, bared to the elements, letting go, letting go, letting go.

My daughters, She says, autumn is the season of letting go. In autumn you learn the lesson of the leaf.

When it is time the leaf releases from the tree and drifts to the ground, perhaps for a time carried by the wind. When it reaches the ground it slowly crumbles, returns to earth, becomes that rich soil from which new life grows. My daughters, those of you who live where the trees lose their leaves, meditate upon the leaf in autumn. Watch the leaves fall. Imagine yourself as a leaf falling from the tree, touching the ground, dissolving, returning to earth, growing again from seed, absorbing the light, feeling the sunshine, and then slowly again falling to earth. This is the eternal cycle, the endless rhythm, the inhalation and exhalation of My universe. Spring and summer are my out-breath, winter and fall are my in-breath. In the autumn I begin to inhale, to breathe in the energies, draw them back to center, to their root, to the heart. The equinoxes, my daughters, are the space between the in-breath and the out-breath, when all rests momentarily in peace and balance. The equinox is a time to experience that balance, the stillness, the space between, the held breath, the suspension of the rhythm.

In autumn one prepares for winter. It is the time for review, assessment, evaluation, and contemplation of what one has accomplished and created. And it is time for letting go. Whatever you have created, whatever you have accomplished, don't cling to it. Let it go. Move on. Create more. Accomplish more. Take time in autumn to honor what you have done. Take a space to appreciate the fruits of your labor. For autumn, my daughters, is of course harvest time. It is the time to celebrate the bounty of summer, to feel blessed, and to share what you have.

In the autumn people say, the flowers are dying. No, my daughters, they are letting go, returning, transforming. What a time for transformation is the autumn. As is said in the ancient traditions, the veils between the worlds are very thin, may be easily penetrated. It is a time for vision, dream and prayer, for connecting with the ancestors, for letting go of the past. The material world becomes almost transparent. You can see all things shining from within. All rituals connected with the dead, the past, may be performed to great effect in autumn.

And you can learn the lesson of the bared branch: that in order to transform, you must be able to bare yourself, to let go your dead leaves, to stand naked in the winter cold-and then experience the rebirth of spring. This is the process of the inner life, my daughters, over and over. Many of you despair and become discouraged on your inner journey. You wonder: "Will I ever be done with this? Will I ever be free of this pattern, this obstruction?" Think, my daughters, does the tree shed it dead leaves only once? No, season after season the tree lets go of that which is old and dead, stands naked and cold and alone, and experiences again the sap rising. So be the tree, and be the leaf. Be the radiant light of the clear blue sky, be the dark earth. Then you have received the teaching of autumn.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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