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Fall 2004

Dear Friends,

This autumn as I reflect on life in this world, I feel more strongly than ever the need for the voice of the Divine Feminine, and that it is one of my tasks to bring that voice back to this world. Therefore I share with you once again an excerpt from my book "The Great Goddess Calls Her Daughters: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine for Today's World" ( (c) 2003 ). In this excerpt, the Great Goddess describes the priestess of today, without robe or temple, and reminds us of the tasks and qualities of a priestess. This is addressed to both women and men. We all carry the memory of the Divine Feminine within us, and Her voice resonates in our hearts regardless of gender. Towards the end of this piece, She reminds us that the task of the priestess is to speak the truth as she experiences it. Have you noticed this need and desire growing stronger in yourself lately? Life in this world seems to demand that of us. May we all listen to this call, and speak the truth of our experience, being and knowing...that is one of my prayers in this season of change...with love, Donna.


She returns to open the door of the temple, to recreate the sacred space of the Great Goddess, to honor Her priestesses, and teach them once again. She says:

My daughters, the priestesses were banished from the temples and from the sacred groves, denied the right to serve and heal, to speak for me. Once upon a time in many lands the priestess fled for their lives, hid in the caves, disguised themselves as beggars, prostitutes, wives. Now as the Mother returns, so the priestesses return.

We cannot rebuild the old temples. Those times are gone.  Today the temple must be found within your very own heart.  And the priestess must also be found within. I have told you I require no worship. What is it then, a temple where there is no one to be worshipped? A priestess whose only duty is to open her heart and mind, to listen deeply to the voice within, to serve, not a deity but that inner voice, the inner light, that knowing? What does it mean to dwell in the inner temple, to realize there your true self? 

A priestess is She who knows herself, who carries within her the eternal flame. The priestess is She who hears and remembers; the priestess is She who serves. The priestess heals, the priestess dances. She sings. She is intimately connected to the power of the great divine feminine. Her entire life takes place in sacred space. This may sound like an ancient legend; it may sound like a vanished world. But that priestess dwells within each one of you, woman or man. Deep in your body-mind-spirit there is the memory, the knowing, of that priestess. That priestess moved in the world with authority, strength and clarity. She was trained in the ways of vision, dream, magic and spirit. She chose to be alone and celibate or she chose a partner or she chose many partners. When she chose a partner it was not to have someone serve her, but to have someone with whom she could share her life of spirit. That priestess is buried in the memory of each of you. You know her. You feel her within you.

Just as I no longer require worship, neither does the priestess. She comes down from the pedestal. She emerges from the temple into the world, commanding no worship, only respect, honor, and recognition of her worth.

Know yourself. Understand that as you remember the priestess in yourself, you reawaken the memory of a community that has strength and power and the vision to create and dwell in sacred space. The sacred space of the inner temple has these characteristics: peacefulness, open heartedness, and open mindedness. My daughters, help each other to dwell in sacred space. Support each other in creating sacred space in this world, today, now, that others may share and experience it with you. Those who share sacred space listen to each other, affirm each other, and they feed each other, both in body and spirit. They love each other, and they love all the expressions of the creative spirit of the human being. They love song and dance, color, words, touch.

The ancient temples cannot be rebuilt. They are gone. But I say again: they are present in spirit. They are present in your heart, in the depths of your being. Remember. Remember. Remember.

One last word. It is the duty of the priestess, it is the task of the priestess, to speak the truth as she experiences it within her heart. It is the power of the priestess to speak the truth as she experiences it within her heart. Those around her must listen. So, my daughters, do not be afraid to speak the truth as you experience it in your own heart. Reclaim that right, that duty, that task, as your very own. Reclaim the power that comes with that very speaking. You may be afraid. The memory of the priestess holds memories of burnings, tortures and rapes.  Out of fear, my daughters, you have learned to hide the truth that you experience in your own heart. You have learned to forget the truth of your own heart. The time comes now, when for the sake of the world, for the children being born and yet to be born, for the sake of your very self, that power, that right, that task, must be reclaimed. You must look at the world around you with your inner eye, your inner vision, and in your own way, in any way that you find, you must speak the truth of what you see, what you feel, and what you know. That is the task of the priestess. 

"The Great Goddess Calls Her Daughters: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine for Today's  World" by Donna Leslie Thomson (c)2003.


Fall and Winter Schedule

Europe: I have already sent out my detailed fall schedule for Europe to those of you in Europe. This includes sessions in Zurich, Wil, Cologne and Luxembourg, as well as workshops in Zurich, Wil and Cologne, and a public talk on the Goddess in Luxembourg. If any of you in Europe did not receive this schedule, please contact me or go to either the English or the German website. I will be away from Santa Fe September 24-November 17.

Winter USA: I plan to begin traveling more again in the U.S. beginning this winter. I will be in the Washington D.C. area in late February, in Rochester, N.Y. in late March and in the Saratoga Springs/Albany N.Y. area in April or May. Details of these trips will be sent out in a special January U.S. newsletter. I already have places to stay and work, but if you live in these areas and would be willing to pass on information about Awareness sessions to interested people or help in any other way, please let me know. Thanks!

"Mehr Energie!"   My first book, "Lebensenergie Pur" will be released as a paperback in Winter 2005 by Knaur-Verlag under this new title, and with a lovely new cover. I would like to ask each of you in German-speaking Europe receiving this newsletter to do a very special favor for me that will not take much time. Please contact a bookstore in your area and ask them to order this book, not for you personally, but to carry in their bookstore. Many of you have told me how helpful the book is and I believe it can be helpful to all kinds of people. I would like to see it in train station kiosks, in airports, in department stores, so if you contact a bookstore, don't only think of esoteric bookstores. The more people that ask for it, the more it will appear. If you already have a copy, consider what a great Christmas present it would make. I ask this not only because I want my book to do well (although of course I do!) but because I believe this book is one of many ways for greater light, love and awareness to manifest into this world, and we need all of that we can find! Thanks so much for your help. 

Meditation Classes: this winter I will be teaching an eight-week series of meditation classes in Santa Fe on Sunday evenings beginning January 16, 2005 from 7 to 9 pm. The course is entitled "Reality Meditation" because it teaches meditation that addresses the realities of our lives: that we don't have much time to meditate, that we need help dealing with the stress and demands of modern life, that we have emotional and physical problems that we would like our meditations to deal with, that we long for a deeper connection to the world of Spirit and to the Divine, and that we all need support in keeping our centers and staying aware. Reality Meditation also gives us the opportunity to explore the realities of the inner world, the inner dimensions of consciousness. We will use my book "You Are Energy" but the meditations will not be limited to those in the book. The meditation is completely non-sectarian and open to those of any or no spiritual tradition.  I hope those of you in the Santa Fe area will want to join me in this exploration. The cost is $250 for the eight-week course, and that includes opportunities for individual guidance and questions during the eight weeks. We will meet in a private location in Santa Fe that has been graciously offered, and the group will be limited to twelve people so please contact me soon if you are interested by telephone or email. I check my messages and email while I am away. If you haven't been to my website recently, remember that there are monthly messages and meditations there from Awareness. I try to make sure there is a new one almost every month. The current one is entitled "Continuous Prayer" and will be up through September and October.


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