Dear Friends, hello, this is Donna speaking to you about resistance. The Awareness is the expert on transformation and flow - I'm the expert on resistance! We all experience it (or everyone I know anyway). I'll be going along, feeling that flow of energy, participating in my transformation, trusting the flow. It feels so good. There's so much love in that way of being. Then, all of a sudden, wham. I'm stuck. I don't want to change. I'm tired of working on things, tired of having to. Didn't I work through this pattern years ago? Why is it back? Do I have to do it again? Or, why is this situation coming up? Do I have to deal with it? Or I want something to happen and it's not happening. I want someone to be different than they are. I'm trying to get something done and it just isn't getting done. What do you do, someone asked me the other day, do you try to push through or do you just let go? I've discovered there's no formula. In a way the resistance becomes part of the flow. Sometimes I can push through it; sometimes I get discouraged, sometimes I just let go, and say, it's not happening; it will happen in its time. Not getting things done can definitely be a part of the flow. One of the things I learn, slowly, from the Awareness is patience. The Awareness has such infinite patience for being with people (myself included) as we go around and around in our doubts and fears, our confusions, our blocks, our openings, our hopes and dreams. That is the quality of Awareness, that great Awareness we all have access to, that is our fundamental nature. It doesn't judge. It is simply there, always, with that loving attention.

I notice, however, that it's possible to resist the presence of Awareness. You would think I would never experience this kind of resistance because all I have to do is check in with the Awareness and things would open up in me, right? Well, I still I have to ask. I have to open to it before it can open me. And it's amazing to me how often I don't. I'll go around and around in the wheel of my thoughts and feelings. I'll even say, "I don't want to ask the Awareness!" And then as soon as I do, at least for the moment, the resistance, the feeling stuck, obstructed, or whatever, melts away. I think that the key is simply making that shift into asking, inviting the Awareness. Once I make that shift, the resistance has already begun to disappear. No one can make that shift for me, but it is possible to make it. The Awareness says to people frequently -You can do your own Awareness session. If you're feeling stuck, sit down meditatively, invite the presence of Awareness. See what insights, thoughts, or feelings come to you. Write them down.

I know - this is easier said than done. And the challenge of doing it, making that shift into Awareness, arises over and over. But as I do it, over and over, I experience that the resistance, feeling stuck, feeling separate from the flow, are also a part of the flow. The resistance, those old patterns, the walls -they don't go away, but they begin to lose their density. They really can melt away. And then they return. And melt away. And return. And melt away. That's the flow.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

As always, if you have questions or thoughts you'd like to share after reading this newsletter, please call or write or e-mail me. Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

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