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Dear Friends,

I find myself once again in an intensive process of inner exploration and transformation that takes me deeper into myself and brings me to another turn on the path of Awareness. I realize this ongoing journey is what I have to share with people.

Here is the prayer that precipitated this process for me at this time:

Oh Great Mother Transformation, take me where you will.

Be careful. This is a powerful prayer. Don't say it unless you mean it.

I share this journey with others through Awareness sessions...the ongoing process of self-exploration, inner transformation, the awakening of Awareness, the path of Awareness in every day life. It is clear to me in these days that Awareness is not a luxury, an experience I look for only in times of personal crisis or in special situations. I am convinced Awareness is the key to navigating in a challenging world and bringing change to that world. Gandhi said, “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.” I can't speak for anyone else but I see -I need to BE the Awareness I wish to see in the world.

I am also intensively focused on my new book “The Great Goddess Calls Her Daughters: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine for Today's World” © 2003. I include an excerpt on Awareness from this book.

So here is my spring schedule, and I send you all lots of love, and the reminder that I give myself daily: even as the force of aggression and ignorance seems strong in the world, the power of love and awareness is equally strong, and I have a choice where to focus my attention.

Love to you,


April 2003

I will be in Santa Fe for Awareness sessions, in person or by telephone. Call me at 505-983-7213 or e-mail me through the website for appointments.

May and June 2003

May 5-11 I will be in Rochester for individual sessions. Please call Ellen Goldstein at 585-271-2710 for appointments.

The rest of May and most of June I will be in Europe for Awareness sessions and workshops. This spring I will not be traveling to as many places. I will be returning to Luxembourg and Cologne in the fall, and in Cologne there will be a workshop for women on the Divine Feminine the weekend of October 11. Contact Sabine Bends at This spring I will be based in Zurich and will have almost three weeks available for individual sessions. I hope some of you in other parts of Europe who would like to meet with me will consider coming to Zurich for a session or my meditation workshop. It's not so very far on the train. I know - I've done it many times!

May 17 and 18 is the first weekend of my two-year meditation course in Zurich, Meditation in Everyday Life. There is still space available for this weekend. This course is being sponsored by IPEI, Institut fur Personlichkeitsentwicklung und Integration. Again, I can only say that Awareness in these times is not a luxury, and we will be experiencing many methods that can help people deal with the stresses of everyday life, develop intuitive decision-making skills, and know themselves more fully. If you are interested but are hesitant to commit for two years, arrangements can be made. Contact Roswitha Dissler at 0041 1 251 1243 evenings or Roswitha is also making appointments for individual sessions in Zurich the week of May 19th and then again from June 9-19.

May 31 and June 1 will be a weekend retreat in Wil for women: Connecting with the Divine Feminine. This weekend is already full but we will be doing another one in the fall on September 20 and 21 and we are taking reservations for that. Contact Ruth Schmidhauser at 0041 71 911 5956 or Ruth is also making appointments for individual sessions June 2-6.

"The Great Goddess Calls Her Daughters: Wisdom of the Divine Feminine for Today's World" ©2003 by Donna Leslie Thomson

In this book I connect with the Divine Feminine through meditative Awareness. I am not channeling the Goddess; rather I interpret for Her. The passages in the book are my interpretation of what I experience in meditation with Her. She addresses Her daughters because She comes to awaken the feminine in all of us and most of the messages are for men as well as women.


Great Sophia, bring to this world your wisdom. Open our hearts and minds to greater Awareness. Bring your greater consciousness to each of us. We ask you this now, Great Mother, Great Mother Wisdom, Great Mother Sophia, Great Mother Awareness. We ask you, awaken the Awareness in each of us.

She comes, a radiant golden light, a golden flame that burns eternally at the heart of the bewilderment, confusion and pain of ignorance.

She says: Oh, my daughters, imagine me now as that golden flame in your very own heart. The light of Awareness lives, glows, radiates from the depth of your being, is always there to guide you, is your inner wisdom, your inner knowing, your consciousness, that consciousness that is not yours alone, that is also the divine consciousness. The God in you is the Goddess in you. The Goddess in you is the Awareness in you. The Divine in you is the Consciousness in you.

Stop for a moment now and ask yourself: who is reading these words? Who is reflecting on their meaning? Who is experiencing emotion, judgment, insight, as a result of reading these words? Take a moment to feel the miracle of your own perception, your own sensation, your own thought, your own feeling. Each sense is a miracle, a doorway into greater Consciousness. That very Consciousness in you that questions -who am I -what is God -what is the meaning of life? -that Consciousness is God, you and is the meaning of life. Treasure it then, my daughters, nurture it, sustain it. Visualize and imagine the God-Consciousness as the golden flame within your heart. Its light radiates throughout the body. In each cell is that golden flame. In each thing, animate and inanimate, is that golden flame.

Oh, my daughters, your Awareness is the great divine Awareness that created all creation. There is no separation between you and God, between you and the Great Mother, between you and Me, between you and your essential self. Breathe with Awareness. Live with Awareness. Then you are in touch with the Divine. As you sit quietly and you bring your attention to your breath, notice that you are aware of your breath. Notice that you are aware of being aware of your breath. Notice how the field of Awareness expands, how your Awareness ripples out endlessly into the universal Awareness. This is what you are: Awareness contained in and embraced by Awareness, contained in and embraced by yet a greater Awareness. Awareness within Awareness within Awareness, this is your nature. You can feel it in a moment if you sit down quietly. What a blessing it is!

In many people that light, the golden flame, burns low, is obscured by ignorance and confusion, greed and anger, by fear. As you affirm that Awareness within, as you visualize it, you feed the flame. The light grows stronger and becomes something that cannot be overwhelmed by the forces of the outer world, that cannot be consumed by the anger, greed, and ignorance around it, that cannot flicker. This takes time, my daughters. This takes time and attention. If you sit quietly with that experience of Awareness within Awareness then after a while you begin to feel it in your day-to-day life. As you begin to feel it in your day-to-day life, you begin to live from it. You begin to live in it. You begin to live your true nature.

Oh my daughters, what a wonderful, painful, joyous process this is, the constant birth of Awareness into the world, moment after moment after moment, the Divine Child of Awareness. This Divine Child knows itself, loves itself in all its many manifestations. This Divine Child is born through you and in you with every moment of Awareness. Do not despair, my daughters, on your journey into Awareness. It can seem long and arduous and lonely. Do not despair, my daughters, of this world and its ignorance and blindness. That golden flame of Awareness burns eternally. It cannot be extinguished. And so my daughters I say to you: in your most difficult moments, have faith in that Awareness within you. Turn to it. Invite greater Awareness. Invite Me, the Great Mother Awareness, the Great Mother Sophia, to embrace your struggle, your confusion. Awareness within Awareness within Awareness. You live in the very heart of the Great Awareness. The Great Awareness lives in your heart.

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

Please also see the monthly message for April posted on my website    

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