Dear Friends, many people are going through intense transformation. These reflections come to you to support you in that process. I would like to share with you a quote that I have found to be an amazing metaphor for the process of inner growth, for the birthing of what the Awareness calls the conscious self. This passage appears in the book “Embryogenesis” by Richard Grossinger, North Atlantic Books, 1986:

“The assembly of our being is the central point of our lives. The radical and ultimate experience is incarnation. We begin as mere mindless spark, and almost hourly our organs change; over weeks they are shifted and re-arranged to a degree that would be sheer agony to a waking man or woman. The tumult within the embryo is worse than any war wound or systematic torture. Organs are torn apart; nerves sear through flesh; arms and legs swell outward and fragment into joints and digits; our bones are all broken; the brain throbs with new cells and nodules. It is more than an operation; it is once in a lifetime primal surgery. And yet the seemingly fragile babe within the womb experiences this turmoil in silence and seemingly without pain. Some would even claim it is an ecstatic ride. The laying down of tissue is visionary and cosmic to a degree no subsequent state of consciousness can recapture. Time and scale disappear, panoramas change from within, and the wall of shaping flesh becomes the universe.”

Have you felt perhaps recently that you are being re-arranged? That your old sense of who you are is being turned inside out and you are being asked to know yourself ever more deeply and intimately, to manifest a new self, or that deep inner self that has always been there, in the world? That you are constantly challenged to be more conscious?  If so, you are not alone. We are constantly assembling ourselves, giving birth to ourselves. The process can be painful, it can be ecstatic, it can seem so endless at times. As we grow in Awareness we move from old repetitive patterns of behavior to a new cycle, one in which Love feeds Awareness which in turn feeds Love. It requires such patience, this path of the conscious self, such loving attention.  Great Mother Patience, moment to moment, day to day, choosing Love, choosing Awareness. There are no shortcuts in this process of incarnating fully into oneself. The Awareness comes to offer the following words of support.

Healing and Choice

We begin by inviting the healing energies of the universe to be present with you and for you as you read these words. There are very few people these days who do not feel the need for healing at some level, whether it is in the physical body, the emotions, or the spirit. And so as you read the words that follow, know that whatever aspect of your being is in need of healing, it receives attention, it receives Love, it receives light. As you experience healing within yourself, as you set the intention these days of healing that which has been wounded, making whole that which has been divided, loving that which has been unloved, know that you are serving and healing your planet also.

Many people these days ask what they can do to help, to make a difference. Many people feel overwhelmed by the world situation, by the polarization and aggression. As you open yourself to Love, Awareness, light and healing, day after day, patiently, carefully, intentionally, you become a vehicle for transformation in this world. As you choose Love and Awareness, day after day, patiently, carefully, intentionally, you become a means by which this world is transformed. It is difficult to have faith in this, and that is part of the challenge.

Exercise your power of choice. Every day you have many moments in which you can choose Love and Awareness or you can choose greed, anger, and ignorance. Every choice on the path of greater Awareness makes a difference in the collective consciousness of the planet. It's a bit like a vote. All over the world people battle for the right to self-expression and self-government. The right to vote is a precious gift. Many people choose not to exercise it, perhaps because they cannot find candidates who reflect their views. This can be a valid choice at the literal level of political action. But recognize that in the moments of your life there are ways in which you are constantly casting a vote -a vote for greater Awareness, or a vote for continuing blindly. A vote for consciousness or a vote for old habit pattern, reaction and conditioning. A vote for love or a vote for fear. A vote for sharing and co-operation or a vote for greed. A vote for communication or a vote for isolation and anger. A vote for war or a vote for peace.

There is a great deal that goes on in the world that one cannot directly affect. If you value your own life and your own field of action, then you have a great deal of power to bring greater Love and Awareness into this world. Every drop of Love and Awareness counts.

Great healing comes from exercising your choice. In small and simple ways you choose, when you have the blessing of being able to do so, what you put into your body, whether what you take in supports your health and well-being. You choose what you put into your mind, what you read, whom you talk to, what you believe. You choose how you respond to the people and circumstances around you. As you recognize the power of choice, a new cycle begins, healing comes, a new world is born. A greater peacefulness grows in the heart and is shared with others.

So we invite the healing energies of the universe to be with you, not only as you read these words, but also as you move in your life, as you make your choices and find your path in this difficult world. Those healing energies may be experienced as beings of light, or a light within your own heart. The healing energies are always present.

As you sit in silence sometimes, and you pay attention to your breath, perhaps the mind begins to subside, as the waves subside in the sea after a storm, and you will feel for a moment a deep inner peace, a connection with the Wholeness, the Oneness, the great Source of all that is, the Divine Mother. As you feel that for just one moment, as you become conscious of your connection to your Source, you will experience an inner balance, a harmony, a peace. And for just that moment, you are healed, and for just that moment, the world is healed. Then it all shifts, and once again one is back in the duality, the battlefield, the difficult time. But that one moment is like the seed planted deep in the earth. It grows and flowers in to a beautiful tree. That one moment will grow and branch out into the other moments of your life.

Spring Schedule

I will be in Santa Fe and available for telephone or in-person sessions until April 17. I plan to return to Rochester NY for sessions, and possibly a group evening, April 18-26. I will send out details by the end of March, or you can call Judy Adnepos at 716-461-4687 for more information. After that I will be in Europe for the months of May and June. My spring travel schedule in Europe is available on the German website

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

May you and all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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