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Winter-Spring 2005

We invite the Presence of Awareness.
We are surrounded by and filled with the Light of Awareness.
May we experience the clear Light of Awareness.
May we be clear channels for Light, Awareness, Love
And Healing to enter the world.
May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.

This prayer is said at the beginning of an Awareness Session. Know that as the forces of greed, anger, and ignorance seem to intensify and dominate so also in equal balance the forces of Love, Awareness, Light and Healing grow and strengthen. Those forces are not always so visible. They are not reported in the headlines. The powers of Love, Awareness, Light and Healing dwell in the human heart and move from heart to heart, soul to soul, individual to individual. Right now there are vast waves of Love, Awareness, Light and Healing moving in the world, in the midst of danger, adversity and upheaval. Open your eyes and heart and you will feel these waves, you will experience them. These powers are present. Affirm them, express them, channel them, commit yourself to being a vehicle for Love, Awareness, Light and Healing.

To commit yourself to this means to follow the time-honored teaching: Know Yourself. This teaching is of profound importance for these times. To be a clear channel, a vehicle, for Love, Awareness, Light and Healing, for your own sake, for the sake of others, for the sake of life on this earth, in the moments of your life, no matter what your situation, profession, limitations or problems, means deep self-inquiry and self-examination is necessary. What is the truth of my being? Who am I in my essential nature? What is my place in this vast universe? What is compassionate action? How do I honor the greatest good? How do I recognize it? How do I experience my oneness with this great universe, with all life, and share that experience with others? How do I live in peace with myself and the world around me, cherishing all life? How do I shift from the consciousness of greed, fear, anger and ignorance, aggressiveness, control and domination, to one of co-operation, sharing, communication, awareness of the greater good and action for the greater good? It is a huge task. It is a task that awaits each individual person in their life in the world today, in the context of a larger world that seems often overpowered and controlled by the forces of greed, anger and ignorance.

To know yourself means to know the forces that have shaped you, to investigate the forces that have shaped you, because those forces, the conditioning of karma, ancestry, and culture, are the forces that shape this world and the actions of people in this world. As you understand yourself you understand those around you, you see what is happening from a larger perspective, and you understand how to act in the midst of those forces, how to interact with them. As you are honest about the anger, greed and ignorance in yourself, as you do not deny it, as you work with it and through it, you do not project it out there, creating more divisiveness, opposition and duality in the world.

Greed and fear are two forces that are creating much suffering in the world today. These qualities are not inherent in human beings and life on earth. Human beings can be greedy but they can also be compassionate, sharing, giving. Human beings can be full of fear but they can also be full of courage and love. So ask yourself: which aspects of my human being do I choose to affirm and strengthen and express in this world? What can I do at an individual level to work with those forces of greed and fear? How do I disengage from a consumer society to some extent? How do I honor the values of sharing and co-operation in my own life? How do I let go of fear, fear of the future, fear for myself, for my children, for the world, and live from a place of courage and love?

These are not questions anyone can answer for you. They are questions your times present you with. Every day your life in this world is questioning you. How do you go forward with an open heart? How do you bring Love, Awareness, Light and Healing into your life? Remember, no thought, act, gesture of Love is too small. Every single moment of Awareness matters. Sometimes Love and Awareness involve confrontation and conflict. There is no one way you have to be, no single path you have to follow, no particular profession you have to have to bring Love and Awareness, Light and Healing into the world.

As you struggle with the questions life presents, you are drawn deeper into the path of Knowing Yourself. You begin to know that greater Self that is not bound by the old forces of greed, anger, and ignorance. You get little glimpses of freedom, joy and possibility. Those glimpses grow and become ongoing experience. You become aware of the miracle not only of yourself but also of the universe in which you dwell. You understand that the human consciousness has many dimensions and life on this earth gives you the chance to experience yourself as limited and restricted, or full of possibility, a dweller in a multi-dimensional universe of wonder, beauty and great mystery. As you experience the possibilities in yourself, you realize the possibilities inherent in life on earth, and the commitment grows to share your experience with others. And so community is created, a community of those who seek to share the experience of conscious life on earth, shaped not by old conditioned forces, but by Love, Awareness, Light and Healing. This is a community created heart to heart, soul to soul, a community of Spirit and human, plant and animal, heaven and earth.

This question comes to you now from Spirit: can you as human being take your full place as a member of this community? Can you be a channel for Love and Awareness, Light and Healing in this world that so much needs you? The answer to that question is yes, you can, and the next question is: will you?

May all beings be happy, peaceful and free of suffering.


Dear Friends,

When I sat down with Awareness to do this first newsletter of 2005 I had quite a different theme in mind. The message above came with a clarity and conviction that overrode any idea I had, and so I can only believe that at this particular time Spirit is asking us to open up, go deep, and realize our potential. Could it be that Spirit is asking for our help? Yes, I think so, and it is also offering us hope, inviting us to participate in its work. So I pass along this message from Spirit.

When I first heard the word ďchannelĒ I loved the idea, that I could be a passageway for clear light, love, awareness. Then I developed a resistance to the word channel. It was too new age. It had too many connotations. Now I have gone back to it, with love. I know this is what Spirit asks of me, to open myself to and live from Greater Awareness. I think itís being asked of all of us, right now, right here. Knowing ourselves clears the way for love, awareness, light and healing to work through us.

People ask me, how can I know myself? There are so many ways. You can find so many teachers and methods, but only you can know yourself. The help I can offer, obviously, is Awareness Sessions, where we can explore the complexities and wonder of the self, as well as its mirror, this vast and amazing universe. We can explore the pain and the joy, the love and the anger, the obstruction and the freedom, the stories you have been and the ones you want to create. Itís good to have a companion as you walk the labyrinth, and thatís something I can offer.

Over the years I see that many people use an Awareness Session for crisis situations, problems to be solved, for the guidance offered in work and relationship. Thatís good. The Awareness reflects and guides at every level. Some people use regular Awareness Sessions for self-exploration and knowing. One woman with whom I have been doing sessions for many years told me recently she uses the tapes of sessions as a journal, a record of her spiritual journey. She does sessions perhaps twice a year. As many of you know, you can get more than enough material to work with in one session to last you half a year! Over the years I have seen people go through incredible change and growth, supported by a steady infusion of Awareness, the larger perspective that opens up possibilities, that affirmation of your unique being, the re-connection to your spirit. Someone else described the Awareness as a wise old friend who knows you really well, a soul friend. So thatís the help I can offer to you on your way.

Wishing you all the best this new year,


(P.S. If you havenít already, see the current Monthly Message ďThe Inner TreasureĒ on the website

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